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Keep in Touch with your Customers

In our growing technological world, it is imperative to keep up with the high tech ways people communicate.  Our service provides the ability to tap into the texting world straight from your call center, forum, or even your website.  Your service will have a cutting edge advantage reaching customers instantly on their phones!

Provide ease of access

Whether you are notifying a customer about an account update, or providing upgrade options for existing accounts you can provide an very simple way for the customer to respond and make these types of requests.


Our SMS services can accommodate high volume outgoing and incoming text messages.  We work to provide customized solutions for larger call centers to high traffic websites.

From Cosmocon integrations to CRM related implementations such as WordPress and Drupal, we tailor our solutions to the demands of the marketplace.


If a potential customer responds, it is imperative that you are notified such that you are able to accommodate their needs and make a sale when the time comes.  Our service can notify your team in a number of ways:

URL callback to a custom page that you can handle the information and messages
Email message.  We can allow [...]


Do you have a development team or do you need implementation assistance?  Our team has a publicly available RESTFul webservice with a well documented API set for your developers to work with.  Barring your own development team, this service allows us to hook into your existing systems and provide implementation at a fast rate so you are [...]


Need to send images, audio files, and/or videos over text message to send a better message to your potential or current customers?  Our service allows you to complete any of these actions using our highly functional API and web service.